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   Okay--here are some deals that happened in the last week with new      
   FICTION--something you all love to read, I know.

Notice the "New Adult" category of book - which is a new classification for books aimed at older-than-teenagers but "early adults" who are out in their new independent lives....beyond Young Adult, not yet Adult stories...

[Thriller]  Jen Danna with Ann Vanderlaan's A FLAME IN THE WIND OF DEATH, when a murder spree rocks the crowded streets of Salem, Massachusetts just before Halloween, a cop and scientist team up to stop the killer before mass panic ensues and more victims die, to Deni Dietz at Five Star by The Seymour Agency.

[Mystery/Crime]  Allen Eskens's THE LIFE WE BURY, about a Minnesota college student on a dangerous quest to discover the truth about a dying convicted murderer, but hamstrung by a dysfunctional mother, sibling guilt, and a haunting childhood memory, to Dan Mayer at Seventh Street.

[General]  Davis Slater's SELLING SIN AT THE HOOT-POSSUM AUCTION, in which a 13-year-old, orphaned Missouri boy's mission to help his parents avoid hellfire in the afterlife by burying them is threatened as he is abandoned by his community and thrust into the care of an unscrupulous cousin willing to sell his own daughters for a quick buck, to Rena Dodge at Pink Fish Press.

[Mystery/Crime]  Holly Menino's next untitled equestrian mystery featuring amateur sleuth Tink Elledge, following MURDER, SHE RODE, to Anne Brewer at Minotaur.

[New Adult]  NYT bestselling self-published author Monica Murphy's ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND and SECOND CHANCE BOYFRIEND, featuring a young woman from the wrong side of the tracks who agrees to pose as the girlfriend of the star college quarterback when he takes her home to see his family, but soon discovers his life isn't as perfect as it seems from the outside, to Shauna Summers at Ballantine Bantam Dell.


[General]  Author of IN THE HOUSE UPON THE DIRT BETWEEN THE LAKE AND THE WOODS Matt Bell's SCRAPPER, set amid the 100,000 abandoned buildings in the city of Detroit, where an illegal metal scavenger accidentally rescues an abducted boy and then becomes obsessed with finding his kidnapper; and an untitled collection of new and previously published stories, to Mark Doten at   Soho Press.
[New Adult] Karina Halle's Artists Trilogy, featuring the two self-published titles SINS AND NEEDLES and ON EVERY STREET, and the third book in the series, following a couple as they attempt to outrun past sins and lovers, to Latoya Smith at Grand Central.
[Debut]  Pia Padukone's WHERE EARTH MEETS WATER, spanning from New York to India, exploring the interwoven stories of four people united by one man and his search for meaning in the wake of great tragedy, to Susan Swinwood at Mira.

[New Adult]  
NYT bestselling author Abbi Glines's Too Far series, including the originally self-published TWISTED PERFECTION and its follow-up, SIMPLE PERFECTION as well as THIS ONE CHANCE and TAKE A CHANCE, to Judith Curr at Atria.

[General]  The Fates Will Find Their Way author and 2012 MacDowell Colony Fellowship recipient Hannah Pittard's REUNION, about a woman in the midst of a personal crisis who upon her father's suicide must reunite with her large extended family and some of her father's five former wives, to Helen Atsma at Grand Central.

[General]  The sixth novel by the author of The Island House, Posie Graeme-Evans' THE SILVER KING, set in both the present day and in the 12th century, in the border country between England and Scotland, about the daughter of a forest woman who captivates the heart of three dueling, Norman-descended brothers, to Sarah Branham at Atria.

[Debut] Brooklyn College MFA graduate CJ Hauser's MARITIME, narrating the beautiful flaws of two young women, each in search of family in small-town Maine and each of whom must shatter her own fantasies of what growing up means in order to arrive in the strange yet marvelous land of adulthood, to Kate Nintzel at William Morrow.
[Mystery/Crime] SUNY Albany Criminal Justice Professor and MWA and Sisters in Crime board member and author of The Red Queen Dies Frankie Bailey's second mystery featuring a detective in the Upstate New York of the near future; again to Marcia Markland at Thomas Dunne Books.

[Mystery/Crime]  Winner of the Minotaur Books/Malice Domestic Competition for Best First Traditional Mystery Novel, Ruth Moose's DOING IT AT THE DIXIE DEW, featuring the new owner of a B&B in North Carolina who gets drawn into murder when her first guest dies, to Toni Plummer at Thomas Dunne Books.

[General]  Winner of the Governor General's Award for Fiction for THE MISTRESS OF NOTHING, Kate Pullinger's next novel, LANDING GEAR, about a stowaway from Pakistan who falls out of the landing gear of a plane above a parking lot in London and into the lives of an English family, to Heather Lazare at Touchstone, with several online components, including a multimedia online version of the prologue.

[Mystery/Crime] David Morrell's INSPECTOR OF THE DEAD, a follow-up to his Murder As a Fine Art continuing the saga of the inspector as he investigates a series of murders, several of them unsuccessful attempts on the life of Queen Victoria, aided by his irrepressible daughter and their Scotland Yard companions, to Josh Kendall at Mulholland Books.

[General]  Tom Harper's THE ORPHEUS DESCENT, following Plato on a perilous journey to Italy as he seeks the secrets to the Underworld, igniting a conspiracy that burns into the present, pitched in the vein of Dan Brown and Sam Bourne, to Michael Signorelli at Harper Perennial.

[Debut]  PEN/Bellwether Award finalist Aline Ohanesian's THE EXILE, set in present day California and Turkey circa 1915, in which a young Muslim man loses his inheritance and journeys across continents and back in time in search of a stranger in Los Angeles who will forever alter the way he sees himself, his family and his country, to Kathy Pories at Algonquin.

[General]  J. W. Ironmonger's THE COINCIDENCE AUTHORITY, pitched as reminiscent of The Time Traveler's Wife, a suspenseful novel of a woman who becomes obsessed with the unlikely, troubling convergences that dominate her life 
-- and the coincidence expert who falls in love while trying to help her overcome her obsession by debunking them, to Cal Morgan at Harper Perennial.

[General]  Jennifer Murphy's debut novel, I LOVE YOU MORE, the story of a man secretly married to three different women, who, when they discover his deceit, plot his perfect murder, to Jennifer Jackson at Doubleday.

[General]  Rachael Herron's PACK UP THE MOON, in which a woman who has suffered the loss of her family has the opportunity to be a wife and mother again, if she can untangle the complications of her past, to Danielle Perez at New American Library.

[Mystery/Crime] Tracy Weber's MURDER STRIKES A POSE, book one of the Downward Dog Mysteries, featuring a Seattle yoga instructor, to Kelly Can Sant at Midnight Ink. 

[General]  Lay That Trumpet in Our Hands author Susan Carol McCarthy's LOST AND FOUND AT THE ORANGE COUNTY TEXACO, centered on the thirteen days of the Cuban Missile crisis, days that changed not only a nation, but irrevocably altered the life of a Florida family, to Kate Miciak at Ballantine Bantam Dell.

[General]  Rust and Bone author Craig Davidson's CATARACT CITY, about two boys growing up in the Niagara Falls region, a gritty hardscrabble existence that takes them into the worlds of dog racing, bare knuckle fighting, border smuggling, and prison, and from which emerges a powerful story of male friendship, to Steve Woodward at Graywolf.

[General] Mitch Albom's THE FIRST PHONE CALL FROM HEAVEN, about a small Michigan town where residents start receiving phone calls from those in the afterlife 
-- is it the greatest miracle ever or a massive hoax? -- "maybe my favorite story yet, a tale of belief, love and mystery, moving to Karen Rinaldi at Harper Collins.

[General]  Author of the August Target Book Club pick 
THE SECRETS OF MARY BOWSER, Lois Leveen's JULIET'S NURSE, which begins 14 years before the events in Romeo & Juliet and continues beyond its final pages - all told from the perspective of the nurse, moving to Emily Bestler at Emily Bestler Books.

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