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KEYS to BEING PUBLISHED: 5 Essential Shifts

Entirely too many talented authors are coming to me worn out from book secret
unsuccessfully beating on the publishing door:             

But why am I unpublished when I know I am a good writer and I have done the work?

I look at their manuscript(s) with the same question. I can see they are indeed a talented writer with creative ideas. What's going on?

As I dig back into the history the author has with agents and editors before coming to me, I soon discover the problem: 

The author doesn't take any of the advice or suggestions made by these editors or agents, but rather continues sending it on to new people--which is a "take it or leave it" approach. This author is not using the submission process as a learning tool to make the book work for the publisher, and ultimately, the readers.

And so we come to the FIVE ESSENTIAL SHIFTS every author has to make if you want to be published. You will mentally and emotionally switch from:

  1. Talking to yourself on the page to talking to your reader.
  2. The exercise of pure expression of thought and ideas to a structured presentation of those ideas toward a particular end.
  3. What you want to say or tell to how you need to say or tell it in order for the reader to engage with you and understand your message.
  4. Being alone with your writing to being part of a team that will have a say in every aspect of "the end product."
  5. Being a writer to being a writer, speaker, blogger, and marketing machine.


It's a bit like becoming a parent:  Once you decide to have kids, it's not just about YOU anymore. Once you decide it is your dream and mission to be published, it's really not about you anymore.

Facing this square-on is your only choice if you still want to be published and be a professional author. It isn't optional. But there are plenty of people and resources to help you learn what you do not yet know, and I believe you will discover the joys of working with other talented people who dedicate themselves to helping you succeed. 



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