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Agent and Publisher Help

Laurie reads your manuscript or proposal material and conducts her own independent research to match the best agents or publishers to your book and your goals, including the network of publishing colleagues she has long worked with and what books they have sold or bought recently. She makes recommendations about how you are positioning your book, your pitch and query letter, and gives you all the information you need for connecting with the interested agents or publishers.


This service is designed to make your agent search efficient and targeted.






"For an author from the European continent, it's extremely difficult to break into the English language markets (US, UK, and such). I'd been at it without success for many years. But Laurie managed to get me an agent--and an extremely good one at that. And here we are: It took no more than a year or so from first contact with Laurie to a good publishing deal with a respectable US/UK publisher. Thanks to the commitment and perseverance of Laurie, and of my agent--and also thanks to Hugo Gerstl, the American author who made me aware of Laurie Harper in the first place. If you are looking for someone who takes care of your writing work with heart and dedication, look no further."
Jack Lance, author of PYROPHOBIA and ZONE to be published 2015, www.jacklance.com

"Laurie Harper was a Godsend for me. She knows the book business, is honest and tough. She is a great coach and guide through the daunting process of launching a book. She helped me with the manuscript, made me write multiple drafts of a book proposal and query letters, and in three months I had better book, a great proposal and an agent. It wouldn't have been possible without Laurie! She's a true professional who cares about writers and books. "

Hersch Wilson, www.herschwilson.com


Laurie Harper knows the biz intimately, both in terms of genres and publishing houses, and also has an up close and personal relationship with numerous top agents. She knows where to go and how to go there and, almost as important, is great on follow-through and never leaves you hanging. She is always there to give advice, support and feedback. She gave me five suggested agents, three of whom agreed to take on my manuscript.

Thomas Pope,


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