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You will begin with a discussion of your ideas and goals and Laurie will get you going with first steps. As you progress step-by-step, Laurie reads what you've written and makes recommendations about your next steps, things you need to learn, resources for learning, and such. She keeps the process as efficient and productive as possible, keeping you on track and focused. She is not line-editing your book--she is working developmentally with you on structure, content, writing style and voice, basic mechanics, publishing requirements, and such. Laurie will recommend freelance editors where they are needed. You and Laurie talk on the phone and exchange email during each phase, or can Skype, and you will be billed in segments. There is no time pressure, you go at your own pace.


"Without Laurie Harper's help, from concept to proposal to contract negotiation and far beyond, I would not have been able to accomplish what is turning out to be true legacy work. My writing career will always be deeply in her debt." 

Paul Fisher, BEYOND THE DAYS OF THE GIANTS (Sept, 2013)

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