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Contract Help

Contracts are a particular specialty of Laurie's. She has actively participated in both the AAR's (Association of Authors' Representatives) and Author's Guild contract work with publishers over the years. She has worked closely with literary attorneys.

The Publisher's book contract is a matter to be taken seriously. What you don't know will hurt you-- and have long-term ramifications. Most authors neither know the pitfalls of a contracts nor do they want to negotiate their own contracts.


There is a big difference in the contracts between the corporate major publishing houses and the smaller independent publishers, but in both cases there are critical terms and conditions that must be addressed, separate from the amount of the advance offered.


If you want to do it yourself, Laurie will annotate the contract and go over it all with you. You will have all the right language in the suggested changes, which makes the publisher most likely to accept the changes. Or, Laurie can negotiate with your publisher on your behalf, acting as your advocate to get you the best possible deal, with all the necessary protections.


"Laurie's knowledge of contracts, and publishing overall, is vast. She first helped me analyze a book distributor's contract-- which had I signed it would have been a disaster for me. Since then I have contacted Laurie whenever questions about contracts arise. She is always honest with you."


Kenneth Shouler, TOTAL BASEBALL.

"After years of frustration from a co-publishing deal gone bad, Laurie helped me resolve the situation to get my rights back. Her experience, network, and knowledge of the business make her invaluable to writers. She is a strong advocate."


Briah Anson, ROLFING: Stories of Personal Empowerment www.rolfing-briahanson.com

"My publisher agreed to make most of the changes you advised. Your annotations gave me tremendous confidence when speaking with him."


Ryan Benson, March 2011

"I didn't need an agent to sell my nonfiction book, but I did need help with my first contract. My publisher used her changes to modify their boilerplate language. Laurie is knowledgeable, scrupulously honest, ethical, and easy to work with. I have continued to use her consulting services on subsequent books."


Ellen Kirschman, Ph.D., I LOVE A COP;  I LOVE A FIREMAN.  www.ellenkirschman.com

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