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The Business of Your Writing: Career Strategy

Your writing career is a business, and you need to approach it with all the same knowledge, tools, planning, strategy, and team input that any business requires.


Maybe you are about to tackle your second book and don't know which type will get you a higher advance or a new publisher. Or you're on your fifth book and are not seeing the kind of growth or advancement in your publishing program that you are striving for. Should you change publishers? Get a new agent? Maybe it's time for big changes--really switching gears-- and you need to brainstorm ideas in order to finalize your plan.


All of these are good reasons to seek Laurie's strategic consulting.


Corporate publishing today is highly competitive. Publishers demand performance on every book. This forces you to be more strategic and calculated, project to project. It is not enough to write a good book on a worthy topic.


Laurie understands the needs and perspective of the publisher and author, as well as the distributor's and the bookseller's. If you have enough information, you can make smart decisions early on and get the maximum leverage from each writing project.


There are plenty of talented writing coaches, advisers, and teachers available to you, as well as freelance editors, "book doctors," or ghostwriters. But only with Laurie can you learn about and brainstorm business options, and work out the right career plan for your unique writing.


"Laurie was my sole literary agent for well over a decade and I'm not the only one who calls her my 'guardian agent'. She has been the force behind my career, selling five books for me and helping me relocate four others to new publishers. Laurie helped me time and again to re-shape proposals into successful sellers, presenting me to new publishers, and supporting me through difficult negotiations. She knows the book business better than anyone I know, and in this difficult arena, she has kept a firm hold on her integrity and her sense of reality. It is a privilege to work with Laurie."


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